Product report

The product report service has been requested from customers which are already in contact with the a factory/ supplier and want to work in a new line, field or product developed by that factory. At first sight such process might seem simple though distancing and idiomatic factors can turn it difficult to take further so the importer ends risking by trusting the suppliers criteria in regard to description, performance and other facts concerned which might not meet his requirements.

BRO-LOGISTICS® acts as an intermediary between you the factory and the new product in order to give you an objective and reliable opinion that helps you make a quick and right decision, saving money and speeding up the process so you can deliver to your clients a fast and better response that sets you at the vanguard of your market.  
Physical approved samples or parts used for testing can be sent via express mail to help our customer taking a better decision in his business.


  • Pre-inspection contact:Where we define those aspects the client wants to focus on.Such items are then set in a virtual document and sent to the client for confirmationto make sure all factorsof interestare covered and we set up the necessary equipment so our team can audit.
  • Post-inspection contact: We consider that once our team sent our client the final report and he has evaluated the document, new doubts may arise or he may need more details about some specificpointfrom our inspectors (what time did a certain failure in operation occur?, hisopinion about finishing details from an itemwhose pictures were attached?, etc.). We believe the best and quickestway is through a virtual meeting with the person in charge of the inspection whileusing audio and video to clear all doubts.


Once again when needed or our client finds relevant, he can request for the physical samples to be delivered at his office via express mail in order to add to the reports received and the communication held with our staff to help him make the best decision in his business.