Quality inspection

Quality Inspection

These inspections adjust to default standards set in accordance to the goods to be controlled. The inspection program can also be adjusted to our client’s needs in such a way as to cover more specific and troubling requirements, in order to guarantee that the ready and packed products meet their required specifications (product type and amount) and are safely loaded for freight.
24 hours after completing the inspection process photography report thereof is generated, describing all the specifics found by our inspectors and including explicit and detailed information so as to ensure the costumer will receive the shipment as expected.

Products we inspect

 Electronics and electrical items

Home and Garden Tools Security systems

Machinery and construction

Products for Construction Packaging and assembly lines

Hardlines goods

Kitchen items Toys and gifts

Softline goods

Luggage bags and purses Clothing accessories Shoes Fabrics

Other products

Parts car Office Equipment Clothing and footwear Medical Equipment

Inspection Criteria

  • Quantities
  • Primary and Secondary packaging
  • Performance
  • Performance/funcionalidad
  • Specifics and workmanship
  • Materials

  • Colors and design
  • Logos (in the product, boxes and accessories)
  • Dimensions
  • Weight (NW/GW)
  • Coding
  • Tests and controls

Inspection services

  • PPI – Pre-Production Inspection
    It is carried out before the beginning of mass production, we evaluate production processes, internal quality control points, production line, state and performance of machinery, etc. This ensures that your supplier understands your requirements and that he can meet them under the standards you agree to.
  • PSI – Pre-shipment Inspection
    The pre-shipment inspection is performed when more than 75% of the production is ready. We inspect product appearance, safety standards, component functionalities, quantity, variety, colors, Measures, weight (GW / NW), included accessories, labeling, logos, packaging and packaging among others..
  • FAI -Inspection at the start of production
    It is performed at the beginning of production when 5-10% of the production is ready. Our inspectors carry out an on-site inspection in order to ensure that the quality of the raw materials and components used conform to the agreed upon. On the other hand, we also ensure that the internal control processes carried out on the products are carried out correctly based on what the customer needs/agreed (materials, safety, performance, etc.).
  • CLS – Inspection during container loading
    This modality is carried out in the place where the load of the container is carried out such as at the factory, warehouse, port etc. During the inspection, aspects such as quantities, shipping list, packaging and packaging, container conditions, processes and loading conditions, etc. are evaluated. In the event of any irregularity detected (wet or damaged packaging, poor container, etc.) we will immediately communicate with you to take decisive action based on what has happened and thus help you to mediate with the factory about the actions to be taken.
  • FA – Factory Audit
    The factory inspection service ensures that importers can make a correct decision with respect to the manufacturer chosen, so that it can fulfill the promising aspects. Our inspectors go to the manufacturing site where they analyze and verify that the factory can meet their requirements. In this way the importer acquires a clear vision of who the manufacturer really is with whom he negotiates and what are the capacities and qualities of production that can be expected from the manufacturer.